The Vision and Mission

The vision of YADESA is to elevate the welfare and quality of life of the rural community through creative development activities by encouraging, assisting and developing the human resources and to manage the rural natural resources through self-dependent community group according to the Five Principles (PANCASILA) and The Constitution (UUD 1945) with the framework of:

  • Equality and togetherness.
  • Self-dependence of the rural community.
  • Openness and independency.
  • Balanced and harmonized assistance of social, cultural and economic aspects of community with the availability of immediate natural resources.

Based on the above principles YADESA’s mission covers:

  • Research, training, and education
  • Conservation and environmental issues
  • Agricultural development in its larger sense.
  • Demographic and human rights
  • Marginal community (low-income group and women) reinforcement through productive economic business activities.
  • Advocacy and consultation regarding issues about family (children and women).
  • Technological development and home industry, Rural cooperative development and private enterprises.
  • Emergency relief/disaster help.

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